Trained animals to rent


Circus Olympia owns several groups of beautiful and well trained animals. Thease animal acts are featured in Circus Olympia´s own programme but also engaged by circuses all over Europe, E.G. Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Holland, France, Italy, Ireland, Germany and Poland.

We can offer the following animal groups:


  • 6 liberty Frieser geldings
  • 6 liberty Shetland Ponies
  • 6 liberty horses, a mix of Tinker geldings and Shetland Ponies
  • 6 liberty Siberian Camels
  • Exotic group: 4 Siberian Camels, 2 Llamas, 2 Oxen
  • Dog Act
  • Goat Act
  • Mixed Act: Goats &  4 Alpackas

Animal groups are available with or without transportation, trainer/presenter and stable hands.

You are welcome to visit Circus Olympia!
For information where we are on tour please call:
Int +46 (0)70 333 66 72 or 46 (0) 388 11 88.


CIRKUS OLYMPIA Sjölyckevägen 11, Drängsered SE-314 98 Torup Sweden

tel: 070-338 1188